place of strength
oasis of tranquility



The Rifugio:

A perfect, unparalleled, invigorating location. A former cloister, autarkically situated on a mountain ridge with a magnificent view of Rome. This place allows the spirit to open and become ready for new, wonderful things.


Italian cuisine that is simple, regional and light. Regionally selected wine, water taken from our own deep-well, in our historic dining hall, on the rooftop terrace, grilling in the park.

Our guiding principles:

Decelerate above a powerful, wonderful location and allow your body and senses to relax. The spirit and body, with the help of proper breathing, are prepared for something new.

„Put forth old, positive knowledge und link this with the new. Create foundations and rediscover. Give time for growth and reactivation.” (Vitruvius, 1st Century, Rome).



Here you can: regain your strength, feel peaceful, learn new things and discover, be creative…conduct or take part in seminars, spend a holiday with friends and family or hold company events, culinary weekends with wine tastings and the best Italian food, enjoy concerts and art, discover Rome and the surrounding land, take a trip to the sea…this place saw Rome grow into what it is today. It is a workspace, a place of power and an oasis of tranquility simultaneously, enchanting all who stay here with the unique energy it obtained over the centuries.

You have the option either to book individual rooms with self-catering only (except for special offers) or you can book the whole estate for 1 up to 20 persons, with catering or self-catering. The house is ideal for holidays or family celebrations, for seminars, music and dance groups, etc. If you want to utilize the Rifugio for seminars offered by yourself, please contact us!

Rifugio Sant Angelo

The Rifugio Sant Angelo is located in an exceptional, standalone location on an imposing mountain range with panoramic views and absolutely singular characteristics: the ideal country manor, in a calming, yet centrally located, setting. Situated southwest of Frascati, Guardagniolo runs from south to north of the hills and cliffs of the Sabina Mountains. Here, the highest village of Lazio finds its home in the clouds. Sant Angelo is easily accessible by serpentine, paved roads, and the surrounding area offers unparalleled views of the plains to Rome. In good visibility, one can see St. Peter’s Basilica and even Ostia every now and again.

The existing residence, with its own deep-well, lies in a park of seven hectares and rests upon a former cloister, which boasts an expiatory church. The structure was built in the 17th century following a reversal of excommunication. The settlement itself can be traced back approximately 2,500 years to the Etruscans. In the middle ages, it was inhabited for 150 years by the Fraticelli. The property includes ivy covered city ruins with up to 6-meter-high city walls and fortress towers.

Distance to Rome, St Peter’s Place, approx. 30 kilometers (as the crow flies), Frascati 20 kilometers, Rome Central Station approx. 45 minutes by car, airport approx. 50 minutes.


The Rifugio Sant Angelo is a place for all kinds of courses. The unique location, energy and proximity to Rome impart a distinctive quality to the residence. Vitruvius (1st century, Rome) provided our guiding principles: “Put forth old, positive knowledge und link this with the new” / “Create foundations, rediscover” / “Sounds are a movement of air” / “Give time for growth” / “Reactivation”

When then selected, international and experienced educators join in and take part, nothing is standing in the way of an exceptional learning experience – especially when they share the common fundament and core ideas of relaxation, attitude, breathing and sound.

We will strive in all respects to make your stay at Rifugio Sant Angelo a special event you’ll never forget!

Intermezzo Sinfonico:

Foto: Michael Werner

The courses cover the entirety of symphonic instruments. From the piccolo to the tuba, to the drums and conducting. The foundation is always correct breathing and the handling of resources. Without this, no sound, no vibrations, no resonance, can be created. The powerful and simultaneously relaxed atmosphere of the former cloister creates a culture of deceleration, learning and ease. When all share the same idea and fundament of sound and production, and top-class instructors are trained in this, so can the mechanisms of the harmonics intertwine like gears, allowing everything to oscillate with ease. All comes full circle and music can be produced.


Sant Angelo offers the possibility to simply take a holiday, to slow down in a perfect atmosphere with nature and food, to be active and discover, to be peaceful and feel your strength, and to have room to breathe.

A variety of rooms can be booked, from a single room to a suite, as an individual guest or (at a certain number of guests) with a cook. Everything can be tailored individually to your wishes.

Family reunions, group trips, concerts, conferences, dance classes, choir and orchestra recreation, chamber music with friends, wine and whiskey seminars, self-created seminars, cultural holiday, sports holiday, cooking courses…

Contact us if you have ideas or questions!


Foto: Michael Werner

Best connections to international artists, seminar leaders, architects, professors, athletes, cooks, sommeliers, creative artists…we can, in addition to the musical and holiday offerings, also offer colorful courses such as:

“Learning to See”:
architecture and photography

“Spicy Culinary”:
knife-making, cooking and wine

“Body and Soul”:
body art, yoga, singing bowls

“Breathing with Aim”:
the art of archery

“TaKeTiNa Workshop”:
a rhythmic experience

Current course offerings:

Dear Guests:

We have updated our program due to the current situation. However, under the usual hygiene requirements and regulations, our house remains open to our guests:

  1. If you just want to go on vacation, experience the country, people and culture ...
  2. If you just want to go on vacation with his instrument
  3. If you want to make chamber music to friends (with and without instructions)
  4. Or would like to have further training for his register / orchestra
  5. Or if you would like to offer a course by yourself

You are welcome to experience the special energy of this place

Of course, payments already made that result from Corona cancellations will be refunded.

at Sant Angelo

Aside from our workshops, you can also book our rooms at any time for your private vacation, parties, weddings and other events.

Please don't hesitate to contact us!


„Italian Garden Spring“

15. – 21.03.2021
with Christin Simonsen and Jörg Seggelke

Information (PDF, german)


Marathonfieber mit Physio, Training & Ernährung

22. – 29.03.2021
with Christin Dressel and Christin Simonsen

Information (PDF, german)

Intermezzo Sinfonico

Magic Brass (Trumpet to Tuba)

24. – 29.05.2021
with Ben Godfrey, Lito Fontana and Lothar Uth

Informationen (PDF)

Intermezzo Sinfonico


30.05. – 05.06.2021
with Thomas Rupp and Lothar Uth

Informationen (PDF)

If you are interested in a course, simply send us an e-mail!


Lothar Uth

Conductor, Coach

Information (PDF)

Tristan Uth

Conductor, Coach, Musician

Information (PDF)

Jörg Seggelke

Organizer, Musician

Information (PDF)

Christin Simonsen

Cook, nutritional advicer

Information (PDF)

About the Rifugio


The Rifugio has 6 rooms with modern bathrooms and very high ceilings. When all rooms (the suite includes 2 rooms) are individually used, there is capacity for 7 persons. When all beds are used, there is capacity for 20 persons. There is the possibility to use mattresses for 4-6 children or adolescents. The location of the rooms can be viewed on the floor plan. All guests can make use of the common rooms in addition to their private rooms. Please note that the caretaker chamber is usually reserved for lecturers and owners. The house can be rented in full for a period of 4 days or 1 week, or single rooms can be rented, upon request with either full board or self-catering.

Images Rifugio Sant Angelo Images Rifugio Sant Angelo

Yellow Room

Ground floor, 28 m². For 1-4 persons. With bathroom and WC en suite.

The yellow room is reached directly from the Refectory. It has a very high, domed ceiling, a large bathroom, its own ground-level terrace door, a double bed and sofa bed.

Images Rifugio Sant Angelo Images Rifugio Sant Angelo Images Rifugio Sant Angelo

Taurus Room

Ground floor, 36 m². For 1-4 persons. With bathroom and WC en suite.

The large Taurus room includes an open fireplace, large bathroom, three-sided window alcove and direct access to the patio. This room is also used as a conference room or evening get-togethers. It is additionally equipped with 2 large sofa beds.

Images Rifugio Sant Angelo Images Rifugio Sant Angelo

Bernardo Room

Im Erdgeschoss, 16 m² groß. Für 1-4 Personen. Mit Bad und WC auf dem Gang.

Es liegt sehr ruhig und verfügt über ein Doppelbett sowie ein großes Schlafsofa und bietet genug Platz für Kleider und Gepäck.

Images Rifugio Sant Angelo Images Rifugio Sant Angelo Images Rifugio Sant Angelo

Martino Room

First floor, 18 m². For 1-2 persons. With bathroom and WC en suite.

By way of the stairwell one reaches a small corridor in the first floor with windows to the refectory. Here you will find the Martino room, with beautiful, peaceful views and a double bed. The room includes a private bathroom and access to the rooftop terrace.

Images Rifugio Sant Angelo Images Rifugio Sant Angelo Images Rifugio Sant Angelo Images Rifugio Sant Angelo

Rose Suite

First floor, 55 m². For 1-6 persons. With bathroom and WC en suite. 2 rooms, corridor and balcony.

This bedroom boasts a private platform bathtub with views of the surrounding countryside. The living room has a three-sided window alcove with an open fireplace and a balcony with views towards St. Peter’s Basilica! In addition to the double bed, 2 large sofa beds are provided.

Further information on rooms and rates you can download here.

Recreation Rooms:

Refectory (140 m²) with five-meter-high pillars and domed ceiling, open fireplace, wine bar and large table.

Patio framed by an historic stone wall, with vegetable patch, almond trees and cisterns.

Kitchen with refrigerator, ice machine and fresh water, coffee machine, dishwasher, stove and oven – self-catering is possible (herbs, oil, cutlery, cookware and dishes are provided). The kitchen has its own terrace, a perfect place to enjoy oneself.

Locale notturno, the evening recreation room is located next to the kitchen and includes a wine refrigerator, bar, sofa and wood-burning stove.

Wine cellar with tasting-table and benches with views of the surrounding villages, supplied with select wine of the region.

Lecturer Terrace with access to the grounds, entry through an iron gate.

Grounds (7 ha) with 250 olive trees and numerous fruit trees, vegetable gardens with herbs and artichokes, oak, pine, cedar, and cypress trees. A 143-meter deep groundwater well, two cisterns, cloister ruins, romantic uncontrolled flora, circular paths, panoramic views and places longing to be discovered…a special place of power and a haven of peace.


Attractions: Rome, Tivoli, Villa d’Este, Frascati, Castel Gandolfo, Guadagnolo and much, much more.

Sea and Swimming: The most beautiful beaches of Anzio on the Mediterranean can be reached from Sant Angelo in approx. 75 km. Likewise, approx. 60 km is all that separates you from still more idyllic mountain lakes waiting to be discovered, such as the volcanic crater lake, Lake Nemi.

Shopping: The village of Poli can be reached by car in merely 7 minutes. Poli has a small supermarket, butcher, apothecary, bank and all other necessities. Fruits and vegetables from the garden or at the market can be purchased at affordable prices. Various shopping centers can be found a little further toward Rome or Tivoli. The driving time is approx. 20 minutes.

Further Information
We’re happy to send you further information per e-mail. Please direct your inquiries to our address, always providing your: name, address, age, e-mail address and cell phone number.


Bilder Rifugio Sant Angelo
Bilder Rifugio Sant Angelo
Bilder Rifugio Sant Angelo
Bilder Rifugio Sant Angelo
Bilder Rifugio Sant Angelo
Bilder Rifugio Sant Angelo
Bilder Rifugio Sant Angelo
Bilder Rifugio Sant Angelo
Bilder Rifugio Sant Angelo
Bilder Rifugio Sant Angelo
Bilder Rifugio Sant Angelo
Bilder Rifugio Sant Angelo
Bilder Rifugio Sant Angelo
Bilder Rifugio Sant Angelo
Bilder Rifugio Sant Angelo
Bilder Rifugio Sant Angelo
Bilder Rifugio Sant Angelo
Bilder Rifugio Sant Angelo
Bilder Rifugio Sant Angelo
Bilder Rifugio Sant Angelo


The grounds are completely fenced-in and only accessibly by gate and driveway (approx. 2 km). The driveway has a gradient of up to 20%. Limited parking spaces are available.

We’re happy to send further information per request!